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Canadian Privacy Laws: There’s more than one!

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On April 11, 2011, FMC Partners Anneli LeGault and Catherine Coulter presented a round-up of 10 things you need to know about Canadian privacy laws.

One often overlooked aspect of Canadian privacy compliance that they addressed is particularly relevant to e-commerce businesses offering goods or services across Canada.  E-commerce businesses should be aware that some Canadian provinces have private sector privacy legislation.  British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec each have their own private sector privacy legislation.  Although these laws are substantially similar to Canada’s federal legislation (known by its acronymn PIPEDA), they are not identical. We’ll touch on some of the differences in up-coming posts.

As an example of differences, compare the order making powers of the provincial privacy commissioners and the range of fines that might be levied. Click here for a link to Anneli and Catherine’s slide show used at their presentation and jump to slide 8!