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Ontario to Introduce Wireless Services Consumer Protection Legislation

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The Ministry of Consumer Services (Ontario) today announced that it plans to introduce legislation that it proposes would make it easier for consumers “to understand the costs and terms of wireless services agreements for cell phones, smart phones, tablets and similar mobile devices.”

Last year, the Hon. David Orazietti introduced the Wireless Phone, Smart Phone and Data Service Transparency Act, 2011The proposed legislation, The Wireless Services Agreement Act, 2012, will adopt some of the measures proposed in Mr. Orazietti’s Bill.

The Wireless Services Agreement Act, 2012 will:

  • Limit contract cancellation costs
  • Require contracts to clearly explain what services are provided and what services would result in added costs
  • Require express consent to the renewal, extension or amendment of fixed-term contracts
  • Require all-inclusive price advertising
  • Provide for enhanced remedies

The Government of Ontario’s FAQ can be found here.